Learning from the Past Can Help Shape a Better Future 

 October 22, 2016

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If there is one thing we can learn from the past is that no one is always safe. Being safe is a condition that we choose for ourselves and work hard to achieve it. It’s a conscious decision and not a whim of the moment.
Kids like Hayley Dodd were very unfortunate when it comes to safety. While justice is being served as her abductor/murderer is currently under trial, there is no way of bringing back an innocent life that was lost.
However, with technology at our side, we can ensure the safety of countless others like her. Monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application have proven themselves helpful in countless times and situations.

How can spying applications protect our loved ones?
Like the name suggests, spying applications are built to keep an eye on the owners of the target gadgets that they have been installed on.

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While the idea itself sounds shady, in the right hands and the right situation, monitoring applications have proven themselves worthy of their existence.

Keep an eye on internet usage
Internet happens to be one of the most accessible preying grounds for predators. You can never be sure where your kid may happen upon one. Therefore it is important that you install monitoring applications to keep a thorough check on your kid’s internet usage.

Monitoring applications tend to upload all the data captured from the target gadget onto an online cloud for easy access. So even if your kid deletes the history from their gadget, there will still be an online copy available for you to access later.

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Moreover, you can also put filters which will limit your kid’s chances of wandering on to different dangerous sites. Filters also help block sites that are harmful to your kids’ emotional and psychological well-being.

Monitoring calls and text messages
How can you be sure your kid is talking to the right people? The best way to know is by monitoring their calls and messages. Basically, the monitoring application has the ability to track records of incoming/outgoing calls along with sent and received messages as well.

Moreover, you can also use this feature to check your kid’s latest interests and plans. This is specifically important because most of the time parents tend to complain that their kid doesn’t open up to them like they would like them to.

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Keeping an eye on their physical whereabouts
Parents cannot always chaperone their kids’ outings, especially when their kids get older. However, it is very important that you keep an eye on your kids’ whereabouts from a safe distance. Monitoring applications are built to help you do just that without causing any kind of trouble. Kids can enjoy their freedom without their independence being compromised.

The monitoring application will allow you to check your kids’ physical location and also assign markers which the kids should not breach. In case a breach does take place, you will immediately be notified about it through an SMS.

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Moreover, since all location tags are being stored in an online cloud, you can easily access the location history at any time also.

Bugging their phone
While you are already monitoring the inflow and outflow logs of calls and text messages coming and going from your kids’ gadgets, you also have the option of bugging their phone and understanding who they are hanging out with and what they are talking about.

So basically, like a spy, you can now listen on to their calls and look at their surroundings without spooking them out. This also helps parents evaluate the safety levels of the place and people their kids are interacting with.

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On another note, this feature also comes with online cloud storage so if something goes wrong at any time; you can always pull up footage from before and submit it to the authorities for further investigation.

Things that went wrong can be easily prevented today with the help of technology. The trick lies in how well you identify the issues look for the right technological intervention to fix them. Monitoring applications can help keep kids and loved ones protected in many different ways.

However since there are many monitoring applications available in the market today, it is important that you research and get the one that suits your needs in the best possible manner.

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